Top 10 endangered animals in 2021


Unfortunately, today there are many species in danger of extinction, some of them are already condemned to disappear in a few years, and although there are many organizations working to preserve them, they continue to suffer as their species slowly disappears. In this article we’re going to see 10 species that are currently at risk of disappearing forever.

Number one : the mandrel

This curious animal that stands out for their striking colors on their face is in danger of extinction, this is because unfortunately their meat is considered a delicacy in the western part of the African continent, in fact it’s part of a trade that smuggles tons of bushmeat into western Europe, in addition to this mandrels also suffer from other types of large-scale hunting and from the agricultural industry, that cuts down the trees where they live limiting their habitat.

Number two : the lemur

The lemurs habitat is in the historic forest of Madagascar, of which unfortunately only 10 percent remains additionally lemurs give birth to large litters, something that helps them thrive in captivity, however, as they have been brought from a very small genetic pool reintroducing them to their habitat is very difficult, if we really want to conserve this animal we must let them live in peace in the jungle.

Number three : the anganoka turtle

Known for its unusual shape, this turtle was believed to have already become extinct, but in 1984 it was discovered that some specimens still existed in northwestern Madagascar, at that time a captive breeding program was created and later its habitat was named a national park to protect them, however, its rediscovery also made sellers of exotic species take an interest in them. Today, poaching has intensified and other factors such as fires deforestation and agriculture has put it at risk of disappearing.

Number four : the dolphin

Many species of dolphins both oceanic and river are in danger of extinction, on the one hand, oceanic dolphins get caught in gill nets something that can lead to the loss of their limbs, and even to their death. In addition, the pollution of the oceans and overfishing, means that less and less food is available for them, on the other hand, river dolphins are affected by the construction of dams, something that has contaminated the rivers in such a way that their recovery is highly unlikely.

Number five : the common chimpanzee

These curious primates bear many similarities to our own species, and they live in the west central Africa, they are at risk of disappearing, because they are hunted for humans to consume, and because they are transported as contraband to other countries, in addition they are also affected by logging agriculture oil extraction mining and by the roads built through their forests something that fragments their communities.

Number six : the panda bear

This striking exotic animal is seriously threatened, the main cause of their situation is the destruction of bamboo on the planet, which is their main source of food, however, for some time they have managed to increase their population and the official list now categorizes them in a state of vulnerability, so it seems that little by little they are recovering.

Number seven : the monarch butterfly

The monarch butterflies in critical danger of extinction, on the one hand this is caused by climate change as it modifies their migratory patterns, but in addition their habitat is being seriously affected as well this is because the forest which monarch butterflies live, are under anthropic pressure from intensive tourist visits illegal logging, certain agricultural activities and the excessive use of herbicides on farmland.

Number eight : the snow leopard

Poaching is the main reason, why this species of leopard is at risk of extinction, it is hunted mainly for its skin as a trophy to be stuffed as a pet in private and illegal zoos and even for their bones, it is also losing its habitat and is affected by climate change, as the planet’s temperature increases the snow melts in their areas and complicates their survival as they are not prepared to withstand warmer temperatures.

Number nine : the brown bear

Deforestation and the destruction of the habitat of this species, is the main reason for their vulnerability, but not only that the construction of roads prevents the population of grizzly bears from interacting with one another, in addition, even today, there are some areas of the planet where hunting continues to be a real threat to the populations of this animal. Lastly, because their reproductive period is very slow, it’s very difficult to increase their population quickly, making them one of the most endangered animals on our planet.

Number ten : the vulture

This animal protects mammals that are in danger of extinction, this is because when an animal dies it is automatically marked by a circle of vultures, thanks to this guards are alerted whenever poachers go after an animal unfortunately these hunters are retaliating by spraying their prey with cyanide killing dozens or even hundreds of vultures.