Hi, today we will talk about some of the foods which are dangerous to your dog, you don’t want your little doggy friend getting his teeth around.

1-Dairy products:

Dogs are lactose intolerant, and dairy products will put unnecessary strain on their body. Can cause sickness and digestive problems.

2- Raw yeast or yeast dough:

Dogs should never be fed raw yeast or yeast dough as it swells inside the stomach with fatal results.

3- Avocado:

Avocado and the stone, fruits seeds and all stones in fruits are dangerous, they contain cyanide which can be fatal to dogs.

4- Onion family:

Onion family should be avoided because of the sulphides in them that damage the health of the dog.

5- Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are best avoided as a lot of varieties cause toxic shock and fatality.

6- Macadamia, walnuts and peanuts:

Macadamia, walnuts and peanuts causes poisoning and has a toxic effect on the body of the dog.

7- Alcohol :

Alcohol has a huge impact on dogs even in small doses, not only does it cause intoxication the same as in humans but it can lead to sickness, diarrhea and central nervous system damage.

8- Chocolate:

Chocolate contains methylxanthines poisonous to dogs, cause vomiting, seizures, coma and fatality.

9- Medications:

Medications to be kept away from dogs the same as children, will cause kidney failure, ulcers, coma and fatality.

10- Cooked bones:

Dogs are designed to be able to bite chew and digest raw bones, however cooked bones are not an option. It may splinter when chewed on, and can cause lacerations in the stomach as well as cuts throughout the digestive system.

11- Excessive fat:

Excessive fat from trimmings can lead to a condition called pancreatitis which is a serious pancreas dysfunction.

12- Sweets, chewing gum , diet products:

Sweets, chewing gum , diet products, some peanut butters, it is an artificial sweetener called Xylitol, it causes liver failure and blood clotting disorders.

Finally, make sure your watch out, for what is eating and check the ingredients in all foods before feeding them. If your dog has eaten any of these foods, even in small amounts they can be fatal, so always act immediately and take your dog to the vets.